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Codeway are specialists in labelling, bar coding and RFID, mobile data, tracking and traceability.

Our aim is to improve the performance of your organisation by identifying merchandise and its locations, tracking operations and movements, controlling events and handling errors.


We started out in 1983 with funding from the British Technology Group to complete the development of a barcode label printer and to market scanning systems.

  • W H Smith used a Codeway printer in its first scanning store; scanning the labels proved it was full of 'slow moving' vinyl records,
  • Selfridges used Codeway printers to label 250,000 SKUs.
  • Some NHS hospitals pioneered bar coding for records management and sample tracking.

Codeway printers were well made and hardly if ever wore out.

Labelling systems

Today we sell leading brands of label printers and software and apply our engineering skills to automatic labelling and identification.

Product serialisation, process control and ERP integration are part of these systems.

We have always produced and supplied the best labels for the job.

Bar coding

Bar coding has evolved from manual scanning with a wand to long range scanners for high bay warehouses, automatic scanners for distribution centres, and direct part mark readers for 2D codes on parts and equipment.

Codeway has huge experience in scanner selection, configuration and integration.

Mobile data

The mobile data revolution continues with smartphones able to read QR codes and product codes in supermarkets.

Supply chains need rugged high end mobile computers to optimise performance. Codeway specialises in this area of logistics with several distribution centres now on their third generation of devices, our technical support the key to their choice.


Our expertise in RFID comes from projects such as:

  • fibre optic material identification,
  • road surface tagging,
  • online encoding of solutions for process equipment,
  • status verification of electronic equipment before loading onto aircraft.


Codeway develops Codetrack application software for customers in several sectors.

They include automotive parts manufacturing (where there is no room for error), industrial and retail distribution, and specialised logistics sectors including international vehicle shipping and pallet networks.

Codetrack Global

The Codetrack Global software brand is fortracking and traceability software on subscription:

  1. Made to order manufacturing
  2. Industrial warehousing,
  3. Branded product tracking and verification in the supply chain and at point of sale
  4. Serialised products and packaging such as explosives and weapons.

Codeway solutions

The combination of Codeway expertise and Codetrack capabilities enable us to provide an incomparable range of solutions. Ask us.

Winning Solutions

We will be delighted to recommend and supply the right products for your project. Codeway provides full technical services and lifetime support to ensure a great return on investment year after year.

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When you need software to support your business operations, Codeway specialises in data capture, data exchange and tracking systems for production, distribution and services.