Handheld PDA

High performance PDA for the field workforce

Everything the worker needs to get the job done. Instantly access the wealth of information in your business systems to increase task efficiency and accuracy.
  • Easy to read capacitive screen
  • High performance PRZM scanner
  • Capture & process of entire documents
  • Ultra- high res photos
  • Long life Power Precision battery
  • Dual Core & Six core processor options
  • Complete Suite of Enterprise Accessories
  • 4.7 inch high definition display
  • 1D/2D imager with front & rear camera
  • 6ft/1.8m drop specification
  • Sealed to IP65 & IP67

What can workers do with the MC67? Everything they need to get the job done. Instantly access the wealth of information in your business systems to increase task efficiency and accuracy. Send a video clip of a piece of equipment in need of repair to get on-the-spot guidance from an in-house expert or equipment manufacturer. Snap a high-resolution picture to document condition. Scan a bar code to quickly and accurately track parts as they are used. Capture an important document. Call a customer to update the arrival time window. Check and respond to email. Broadcast a push-to-talk call to the whole workgroup. If you currently use the MC65,backward compatibility with the MC55/MC65 accessories you already own allows you to cost-effectively upgrade to our newest mobile computing technology. So whether your mobile workers are fixing equipment, picking up or delivering shipments, taking customer orders, inspecting buildings or restaurants, issuing citations or collecting competitive information, give them all the latest tools to get more done and done right — all in one super rugged device that loves life in the field.


Transportation and Logistics

  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle tracking and maintenance
  • Baggage and cargo trackin

Field Service and Sales

  • Service automation
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics optimization
  • Sales order entry/CRM
  • Inspections/maintenance

DSD/Route Accounting

  • Automated ordering
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Delivery tracking
  • Full service vending
  • Competitive surveys
  • Shelf space analysis
  • Route optimization

Government and Public Safety

  • eCitation/ticketing
  • First Responder accountability
  • Inspections/maintenance
  • Code enforcement


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