Xplore M60
Compact 6" Rugged Handheld

A mobile computer, communications device and optional barcode scanner all in one rugged package
  • Lightweight (0.8lb/369g) and easy to grip for long periods of time
  • Pocket-sized design and array of accessories
  • Bright, sunlight-viewable display for indoor / outdoor use, day or night
  • Glove/Wet Touch capability
  • Up to 22 hours of battery life
  • 30.4Whr user-replaceable battery
  • Single bay and multibay desktop chargers for around-the-clock power
  • Easy to secure, manage and upgrade remotely via MDM/EMM
  • Android for Work™ reduces worker disruptions and device downtime while increasing security
  • Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU
  • GB RAM/32 GB storage
  • Dual SIM, 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE data and voice technologies

The Zebra Xplore M60 is the one device that highly mobile professionals can reach for when they need a mobile computer, communications device and optional barcode scanner all at once. Weighing in at only 0.81 lbs (369g), this 6” Android handheld is the easiest way to keep every piece of job-related data close at hand 24/7 without feeling weighed down. The combination of Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, LTE Data and Voice, and NFC wireless technologies provides an all-access pass to information-generating IoT, Industry 4.0 or GIS systems that are crucial to making revenue-driven, or cost-saving, business decisions throughout the day. High-definition cameras and voice capabilities make it easy for all employees to up-level actionable information to management whether they’re working on the shop floor, from the road, or in the field. The highly accurate data imported from the front lines via the built-in barcode scanner and NFC technology enables you to track, trace and manage everything from raw materials and finished goods to trucks and trains with complete confidence.

Single-button scan capabilities come standard with the Xplore M60 & as a result, your workers will be able to exceed internal productivity standards very quickly. Simply point and click to scan any barcode affixed to your inventory or put the device in proximity of NFC-tagged equipment, then watch as this handy little handheld computer automatically populates the applicable data fields in the enterprise application of your choosing. No special software or app is required to take advantage of these advanced asset tracking technologies.

Though small in stature, the ultra-mobile M60 is the optimal size for maximum content viewing and maximum productivity while on the move. In fact, you won’t find a handheld computer with a larger, brighter View Anywhere™ display, or longer battery life, on the market today. It boasts a 6” FHD 550 nit display that’s perfect for completing checklists or reading equipment manuals outdoors under full sun or in the rain. It also comes standard with a long-life user-replaceable battery that will keep you energized for up to 22 hours*. Even better, this Qualcomm Octa-Core powered and Android 8.0 Oreo™ handheld is built from the inside out to outlast, outperform and outshine other mobile devices.

You can scratch it, shake it, even shock it. The M60 will keep working as if nothing happened. This compact mobile computer is built from the inside out to take a spill, survive a dust storm, stay cool under the hot sun, and stay warm enough to work in freezing temperatures. With an IP68 rating, 1.5M drop certification and -20° to 60°C tolerance, this all-weather warrior will keep your road warriors and shop floor workers on schedule, even during inclement conditions or when traversing rough pavement.

The M60 is a great mobility solution for shift-workers that share technology tools via teaming deployments. It’s an even more effective tool for individuals who need and want full team support all shift long. This highly-connected handheld is equipped with a full range of WAN and PAN technologies, including 802.11ac, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE data and voice communications platforms. As a result, workers will have a way to connect with supervisors, colleagues and customers in virtually every situation, even highly remote ones.

Features and Benefits

Stay Connected at All Times

  • Packed with a full range of WAN and PAN technologies, including 802.11ac, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE data and voice communications platforms

Minimize Workflow Disruptions and Downtime

  • Workers stay productive and secure all day long with up to 22 hours of battery life*; Android for Work™, MDM/EMM

Improve Accuracy of Data Inputs

  • Automated data entry via built-in NFC and barcode scanner

Eliminate Data Silos

  • The built-in barcode scanner, Glove/ Wet touch display and WiFi/LTE data and voice technologies enable a fast, two- way information flow between workers, management and all back-end business systems

Easily Accessible While On the Go

  • Wide array of handsfree-carry accessories available for this pocket-sized Android handheld


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