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AutoCube 8200
Fixed Dimensioning System

This high-performance fixed dimensioning system uses 3D depth sensing technology to measure objects,helping companies capture more revenue,reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Class 1 Laser
  • Sealed to IP54
  • Less than 1 second measuring time
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
  • Min. Object Size (L x W x H):10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Mounting Height of 1.8 m Max. Object Size Cuboid (L x W x H):120 cm x 100 cm x 70 cm
  • Host Computing Platform: Desktop or laptop PC with Windows® 7 or later, Tablet PC with Windows 8 or later
  • Powered through USB interface
  • Image Capture supported
  • Accurate to 5mm

Multiple market trends in e-commerce and distribution centers have elevated the importance of space optimization in transportation, storage and workflows. Honeywell AutoCube™ 8200 is a fixed dimensioning system that enables companies to optimize space in multiple use cases, quickly and effectively. Whether it is a retail store of a courier company, a shipping station of a DC, a retail ship-from- store location or an inbound station of a warehouse, the AutoCube 8200 system provides an efficient way to achieve space optimization.

The AutoCube 8200 system uses 3D depth sensing technology to instantly and accurately measure the dimensions of an object. The dimensioning system consists of the dimensioner mounted on a stand and connected to a host computing system through a USB interface.

This optimally priced dimensioning system provides quick return on investment for applications where the previous alternative was a tape measure. Manual tape measurements resulted in lower accuracy, inconsistency and reduced productivity. The AutoCube 8200 system increases accuracy, consistency and user productivity in multiple use cases – increasing revenue capture, reducing shipping chargebacks and throughput bottlenecks, and optimizing storage space, workflow and load planning.

The large object size range, ability to measure objects in any orientation, sub-second measurement time, a large operating temperature range, operation over a wide range of ambient light levels, compact and flexible design and optimal pricing make the AutoCube 8200 system a must-have for companies looking to measure packages and objects to optimize space.

Dimension Any Object, Any Size. In Less Than a Second.

AutoCube 8200 measures virtually any object no matter what the shape – and it does so accurately, in less than a second, over and over again. Odd package size and shape? Straightforward accurate dimensions.

Features and benefits

  • Measures packages and objects in a wide range of sizes – from as small as a 10 cm (4 in) cube to as large as a 90 cm (35 in) cube. It can also measure bulges and protrusions of packages as well as non-rectangular objects like cylinders and prisms.

  • Sub-second measurements, automatic mode and the ability to measure objects in any orientation speeds up multiple workflows and enables users to process more customers, ship more packages and reduce labor costs.

  • Innovative technology enables pricing at a level that provides a quick return on investment for courier retail counters and DC shipping stations – opening dimensioning technology to companies whose previous alternative was a tape measure.

  • The compact and flexible design, small footprint and absence of a separate power supply gives companies the freedom to easily mount and use the AutoCube 8200 system in a wide range of environments.

  • The AutoCube Software API and SDK enable companies to easily interface the system with multiple applications. Automatic and user-controlled modes enable companies to customize product usage based on their unique workflows.


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