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Industrial Labeller

Novexx ALS 104 Labellers
Applicators for line speeds up to 30 m/min
Standard applicators and ready to go kits for product and promotional labels at line speeds up to 30 m/min

ALS 104 ApplicatorsLabelling Kits

An ALS 104 will apply labels from 10mm x 10mm to 110mm x 600mm on a line running up to 30 metres per minute. These are rugged, reliable machines built for 24/7 operation on food processing lines and in many other industries.


Branded productsPharmaMedicalFoodPersonal careChemicalDistributionBuilding materials


  • High-performance and extreme robustness for continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Modular for easy integration into your production lines: bottom, side and top labeling with fixing options
  • Dispensing edge can be rotated up to 90° for greater flexibility
  • IP 65 kits for easy cleaning in the food industry and for use dusty or damp conditions


PacksBoxesCartonsTraysOutersSacksand more ...


ALS 104 Datasheet please note Novexx have upgraded the ALS 204, 206, 209 and 256 and 209 models mentioned in this document to XLS models with extra features

ALS 104 User Manual please see this manual for a full description of the ALS 104 and its modes of operation.

Novexx ALS 104 Labelling KitsTopSide

These top and side kits are 'ready-to-go out-of-the-box' solutions for labelling products on a conveyor.

  1. Label width: 10-110 mm
  2. Label length: 10-600 mm
  3. Line speed, max: 30 m/min
  4. Left or right hand kits: ready to assemble and go.
  5. APSF automatic product speed following (optional)
  6. IP65 protection (optional).

Top labelling

ALS 104 Top Labelling kit

Side labelling

ALS 104 Side Labelling kit

Novexx ALSXLS labellers

Model Label width Label length Line speed 1,000 labels*
ALS 104 10-110 mm 5-600 mm 30 m/min 3.4 min
XLS 204 10-110 mm 5-600 mm 40 m/min 2.6 min
XLS 206 10-160 mm 5-600 mm 30 m/min 3.4 min
XLS 209 50-253 mm 50-600 mm 30 m/min 4.1 min
XLS 256 10-160 mm 10-600 mm 50 m/min 2.0 min
XLS 272 10-53 mm 5-600 mm 70 m/min 1.5 min
ALS 306 25-160 mm 20-600 mm 60 m/min 1.7 min
ALS 309 25-233 mn 20-600 mm 45 m/min 2.3 min

* 100mm labels with 2mm gap
LABELS · self adhesive with liner
ROLLS · inside/outside wound · OD: 300mm (ALS 306/309: 300mm or 400mm)
INTERFACES · Ethernet, I/O · ALS 104: sensors, RS232 only

Novexx Applicator Head Guid

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