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Industrial Labeller

Novexx XPU Pallet Labeller
Apply two GS1 SSCC labels near the corner of each pallet

As it moves back from the label the applicator scans the barcodes to check they are readable

Novexx XPU Pallet Labeller

The XPU pallet labeller delivers high levels of reliability and outstanding print results even in the rough and tumbe of logistics operations.


The XPUprints and applies GS1 compliant DIN A5 labelslabels 2 sides with one pallet stop labels 3 sides with 2 stopsmarks up to 180 pallets per hour with two labelsscans the barcodes after labelling to check readability (option)processes RFID labels (option).

Top quality barcodes

The XPU has an ALX 926 Print Apply engine using near edge print head technology for top-quality printing of variable data in real time. The suction pad on the applicator head holds the label in place and ensures that the label is applied without any wrinkles. The integrated scanner (optional) checks the readability of the barcodes after labeling.


A wide door in the housing gives access for rapid maintenance and quick changes of label and ribbon rolls.

Track & Trace

The SSCC barcode on each pallet label enables traceability throughout the supply chain. Codeway can register and track barcode and RFID pallet numbers with its Codetrack systems as well the Novexx TRACE-it solution.


Winning Solutions

We will be delighted to recommend and supply the right products for your project. Codeway provides full technical services and lifetime support to ensure a great return on investment year after year.

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