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Matrix 410
Industrial compact 2D reader

An industrial compact 2D reader that combines image capturing, decoding and communicating in a single compact and versatile product.
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • 1,3 (SXGA) & 2,0 (UXGA) MPixelsmodels
  • Adjustable focus through C-Mount lenses
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked, Postal symbologies
  • Excellent Performance on DPM Application
  • Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
  • Blue Diamonds™ aiming and focusing system
  • X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
  • Run Time Self Tuning for higher flexibility
  • D-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity
  • Code Quality Verification Capability

Matrix 410™ is an industrial compact 2D reader that combines image capturing, decoding and communicating in a single compact and versatile product.

Matrix 410™ is powered by a new engine, a high speed industrial micro processor, optimized for image processing and Ethernet connectivity. The result is a superior barcode reading speed and robustness, especially for 2D codes and DPM; the powerful proprietary decoding libraries provide the Matrix 410™ with unrivalled performance even on damaged and low quality codes.

Matrix 410™ strongly excels for throughput in data transfer over the Ethernet; it is capable to transmit over 4 SXGA (1.3 MP) images per second, while capturing and decoding at the normal rate; the high capacitance channel enables real time massive image transfer, even with a full working resolution. The Embedded high speed ID-NET™ communication interface enables an efficient and fast clustering of multiple reader; this offers the best modularity of the building block approach and always the optimal balance between price and performance.

Matrix 410™ makes better the remote slave reader configuration, a new function enabling the reader parameter setup over an ID-NET link; the system configuration and maintenance are so easier and efficient than ever.



  • DPM Reading and Verification
  • Tires Tracking & Tracing


  • Large PCB Board Tracking
  • Electronics Product Tracking

Distribution & Retail Industry

  • Presentation Scanner
  • Small Objects Sorting
  • Warehouse application

Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Medical Devices Traceability
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical & Biomedica
  • Analysis

Food & Beverage

  • Work in Progress Traceability
  • Code Quality Control


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