Fixed Scanner

Compact omnidirectional laser scanner

A cost effective solution satisfying the main identification needs of Automotive, Food &Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other manufacturing plants.


  • Medium, Long Range, Linear and Oscillating Mirror models, user selectable focus for high application flexibility
  • ID-NET interface and Ethernet Bus Connections (EBC)
  • Embedded PROFINET-IO and EtherNet/IP for connectivity to main industrial Fieldbus
  • X-PRESS interface, Genius software tool, embedded multi-language display for easy scanner setup and maintenance
  • Rotating connector block for flexible form factor and easy installation
  • DST (Digital Signal Technology), ACR4 reconstruction technology and PACKTRACK tracking technology on Long Range
  • Superior ambient light immunity from high frequency laser modulation
  • Top industrial grade, IP65 and subzero version for low temperature environments

Datalogic announces the availability of the DS5100, the new flexible, powerful and compact laser scanner.
The DS5100 is a cost effective solution satisfying the main identification needs of Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other manufacturing plants.

The DS5100 offers a complete and flexible portfolio including Medium and Long Range models, Linear and Oscillating Mirror models.
The unit boasts the DST™ (Digital Signal Technology) for stable and constant performance at any operative condition, a best in class ACR™ 4 reconstruction algorithm, and optimized reading recipes for flexible and outstanding reading performance on low quality and low contrast bar codes, damaged labels
as well as at high skew angles. Superior reading performance together with a user selectable focus make the DS5100 the ideal solution to cover
different applications along the manufacturing chain: Shop Floor, End of Line, Automated Warehouse, Intralogistics, Pallet Reading and more.

Top Industrial grade IP65 protection class, subzero™ models down to -35°C and total ambient light immunity make the DS5100 ideal for harsh industrial environments, outdoor and frozen production facilities. For easy installation and flexible form factor the DS5100 is equipped with rotating connector block. For easy setup and maintenance the DS5100 has the intuitive X-PRESS™ interface and the Multilanguage Genius™ software tool. The embedded
Multilanguage display improves scanner monitoring and diagnostics. The DS5100 offers complete connectivity and networking capabilities.

On-board Ethernet ports (one and two ports models) and switch provide embedded interface to main Fieldbus EtherNet/IP and PROFINET-IO without the need of external devices for a cost effective solution and short installation time. The ID-NET™ interface is ideal for high speed networks and multi side reading. Ethernet Bus Connection EBC™ interface delivers real time multi-head synchronization and events via bus for short and easy installation (no signal cables), PACKTRACK™ tracking technology mode for increased reading throughput and accuracy. Extended interoperability with Datalogic mid-range (DS2100N/DS2400N through ID-NET interface) and long range (DS8110/DX8210 through EBC) laser scanner families allows the DS5100 to be the perfect solution for integrated systems.

With its outstanding performances, the DS5100 delivers a smart, flexible and high performance/price ratio offer in the Datalogic scanner portfolio.

Manufacturing Applications


  • Shop Floor
  • Work In Progress Control
  • Parts Traceability

Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical

  • Secondary package control
  • End of line
  • Palletizing
  • Automated warehouse
  • Tote tray Identification
  • Automatic picking process control
  • Intralogistics
  • Entry level sorting and shipping process
  • Pallet Reading
  • Cold storage and outdoor applications (subzero models)

General Manufacturing

  • Shop floor
  • Work in progress control
  • Parts traceability
  • Secondary package control
  • End of line
  • Palletizing
  • Shipping process
  • Automated warehouse
  • Intralogistics


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