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Label Applicators

XLS 2xx
Advanced automated label applicators

Novexx XLS 2xx Label Applicators

XLS 2xx industrial labellers apply brand, informational and promotional labels. Narrow or wide label, in humid or dry environments, they provide superior labelling performance and accuracy in continuous operation.

Industries using Novexx labellers

AutomotiveBeveragesChemicalsConsumer goodsCosmeticsElectronicsFood Logistics • Personal carePharma



  • High-quality components
  • Compact industrial design
  • Designed for continuous 24/7 use
  • Engineered and produced in Germany


  • A wide range of applicator heads for almost any requirement
  • Modular design for easy integration into production lines
  • Tandem operation for maximum uptime
  • Label width: 5mm to 233mm, model dependent
  • Line speed: up to 70m/min, model dependent


  • Automatically adapts conveyor belt speed
  • 90° rotatable dispensing edge
  • IP65 kits for humid and dusty environments


  • Large, multi-colour status display
  • Intuitive symbol-driven menus
  • Easy Push Rewinder simplifies label material handling


Line speed
Application rate*
(min/1000 labels)
Label roll
diameter (mm)
Label width
Label length
XLS 204 40 m/min 2.6 min 300 mm 10-110 mm 5-600 mm
XLS 206 30 m/min 3.4 min 300 mm 10-160 mm 5-600 mm
XLS 209 25 m/min 4.1 min 300 mm 50-233 mm 50-600 mm
XLS 256 50 m/min 2.0 min 300 mm 10-160 mm 5-600 mm
XLS 272 70 m/min 1.5 min 300 mm 10-53 mm 5-600 mm

* 100mm labels with 2mm gap
LABELS · self adhesive with liner · inside/outside wound


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