Proof of Delivery
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TraceNow, easy ePOD for drivers with Android phones to track collections and deliveries

EPOD for Goods and Services

TraceNow is an easy to use cloud-based ePOD service for tracking collections and deliveries with Android phones and rugged handheld computers. TraceNow includes daily vehicle checks and provides proof of delivery with (optional) images and signatures

TraceNow can track line item quantities as well as the whole consignment. It integrates with ERP and WMS systems using web services and automated data exchange platforms.


  1. GPS recording for electronic proof of delivery
  2. Live consignment status tracking
  3. Track consignment or line items
  4. Barcode scanning
  5. Signature capture
  6. Photo imaging
  7. Paperless

Application examples

  • Specialist courrier services
  • Pallet collection and delivery with depot arrival and departure tracking
  • Building materials deliveries from depots with ERP automated data exchange

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