Mobile Printer

MP Compact
Space saving industrial label printer for workbench and mobile use

For tight spaces and limited workspaces, the small footprint of the MP Compact printers takes up little room in smaller, crowded areas.
  • Direct Thermal printing
  • 200 dpi or 300 dpi options
  • Standard Serial, Ethernet, USB ports
  • Optional 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless
  • Optional parallel to serial cable
  • Small footprint,large media capacity
  • Easily mounted on mobile assets
  • DPL, Labelpoint and PL-Z language support

The MP Compact printers are a unique series of industrial label printers that offer big customer benefits despite their small size. The MP Compact printers are manufactured to the highest standards and feature a die-cast frame and metal cover for protection, making them durable and reliable in demanding industrial environments.

For tight spaces and limited workspaces, the small footprint of the MP Compact printers takes up little room in smaller, crowded areas and can be conveniently mounted on walls, manufacturing lines and mobile trolleys. A special “Mobile” version of the MP Compact can also be mounted directly onto forklifts, which enables a substantial increase in labor efficiency, reduced errors and faster workflows. The printers occupy less than half the space of traditional industrial label printers, allowing operators to retain valuable workspace.

The MP Compact printers can be used in almost any orientation, including upside down. Their large, easy-to-manage levers, single-handed media removal and open covers make the MP Compact printers the next generation in ergonomic printer engineering that saves time, money and space.

The optional 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LAN makes it easy to connect to networks and to use mobile printing operations such as a forklift.

The MP Compact printers are easy to use, rugged and do as much as large industrial printers, yet need only a fraction of the space. The all-metal casing makes the printers ideal for harsh industrial environments but quiet and small enough to operate in low-noise environments such as an office or hospital.

Features and Benefits

  • Label retrieval time is reduced when the MP Compact printers are mounted on a forklift.

  • Large media capacity allows for maximum productivity.

  • The printers are easily mounted on mobile assets such as manufacturing lines, mobile trolleys or forklifts.

  • The printers support DPL, Labelpoint and PL-Z languages, allowing them to easily replace competitive printers . The printers offer a wireless connection option in addition to standard Ethernet.


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