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Novexx 64 LTSI label applicator
Top · Side · Stationary · Moving · Variable height

The LTSI applies to top (or side) of boxes, label size: 30mm x 30mm to 80mm x 80mm.

The LTSI is a light touch head for Novexx 64 label printers. The product can be stationary or moving. Up to 50 labels per minute.

LTSI light touch apply heads turn Novexx 64 dispensing printers into automatic applicators.

Novexx 64 LTSI’s are ideal for top labelling of packs and side labelling of cartons on medium volume lines.


  • Application of labels on sensitive products without the need of compressed air
  • Suitable for variable product heights
  • Applicator extends its ‘telescopic arm’ until sensor encounters resistance
  • Stroke length up to 400 mm
  • Electrically operated, no air required


Top Even and uneven surfaces Stopped products Moving products Products with variable height

Label width 30–80 mm
Label length 30–80 mm
Capacity* up to 50 labels/min
Application accuracy* +/- 1 mm
Compatibility 64-xx dispenser


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