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Ticket Printer

Novexx XTP 804

Single Tag Printer

The solution for high quality printing of single tags, tickets and blister cards.

The XTP 804 is designed for high quality printing of single tags, tickets and blister cards. It handles various materials, designs, sizes and thicknesses.

Target markets

  1. Food (e.g. product information cards)
  2. Automotive (e.g. blister cards for small spare parts)
  3. Electronics (e.g. blister cards for battery components, smart cards)
  4. Apparel (e.g. hang tags, decorative labels, brand tags)
  5. Pharma (e.g. blister cards for pills, dressing material)
  6. Retail (e.g. price tickets, shelf labeling cards)


  • The XTP 804 utilises the proven Novexx 64-04 module, a high performance 4 inch wide thermal transfer printer.
  • High print speed up to 400 mm/sec
  • The ribbon saving mechanism is effective from a 6 mm high unprinted area, reducing consumption.
  • Various data interfaces for integration with IT infrastructure.
  • Barcode verifier optional.
  • The infeed stacker holds up to 1,000 tags, material thickness dependent.
  • Pneumatic or electronic tag transportation.


Manfred Borbe, Managing Director of NOVEXX Solutions, says, “The XTP 804 combines lots of features into one compact single tag printer. We listened to customers and are convinced it will deliver added value in many scenarios."


Novexx XTP 804 Single tag printer datasheet

Test and trials

Novexx will arrange test and trials with your proposed tags, tickets and cards. Please contact Codeway.

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