Label applicators
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A labeller for every line

Choose ALS104 or ALS 204/206/209/256 Integrated design with a small footprint. Easy to install. Top, bottom and side labelling.

Select options for the job

Dispensing edge or pneumatic applicators. Tandem function for non-stop labelling. Ethernet for network control IP65 and many more.


Novexx ALS series Multfunction Labellers datasheet
Novexx ALS 272 High Speed Labeller datasheet

Model Label width Line speed 1,000 labels** Interfaces
ALS 104 10-110 mm 30 m/min 3.4 min Standard
ALS 204 10-110 mm 40 m/min 2.6 min Full***
ALS 206 10-160 mm 30 m/min 3.4 min Full***
ALS 209 50-253 mm 30 m/min 4.1 min Full***
ALS 256 10-160 mm 50 m/min 2.0 min Full***
ALS 272 10-53 mm 70 m/min 1.5 min Full***

** 100x100 mm labels with 2 mm gap. *** Adds Ethernet and extra I/O for systems integration.

Label Applicators

Novexx XLS 2xx

Apply labels 5x5 mm to 160x600 mm at line speeds up to 70 m/min in any industry, 24/7


Novexx ALS 306 and ALS 309 high performance labellers apply 6 inch wide and 9 inch wide labels to fast moving goods


Standard applicators and ready to go kits for product and promotional labels at line speeds up to 30 m/min


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