1D/2D retail imager

The scanner that offers style without compromise
  • Form and function
  • High performance 1D/2D scanning
  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology
  • Customizable to fit into your environment and promote your brand
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Innovative and flexible scanning experience
  • Easy accurate aiming
  • Driver’s license parsing option
  • Document capture
  • Stylish Intellistand for flexible scanning modes — handheld and presentation

Your store represents your brand. You take pride in its design. The ambiance it creates is a big part of your customer’s experience, and you’ve worked hard to make sure they feel it the moment they walk through your doors. With the DS4800 Series, you can extend that customer experience right to your POS. This innovative bar code scanner offers style without compromise, marrying impressive design with the same great reliability, functionality and manageability you expect from Zebra.

Designing the DS4800 Series with human factors in mind allowed Zebra to combine the sophistication and strength of an arc with a grip and trigger position that maximize scanning comfort. The DS4800 Series offers the best of both worlds — scanning capability and chic consumer styling. The DS4800 Series will not only impress your shoppers, it will keep lines moving at the POS. It can capture any 1D and 2D bar code printed on a paper label or displayed on the screen of a shopper’s mobile phone. Order a custom design that will complement your décor and promote your brand — the cover can be printed with a pattern or a solid color along with your logo. In addition, you can create your own unique scan tone.

Specially designed to complement the DS4800 Series and your environment, the optional Intellistand enables automatic switching between presentation and handheld modes. The traditional mechanical trigger is replaced with a modern capacitive touch trigger, complete with haptic feedback. Your cashiers can choose their preferred trigger action — a quick tap, press or swipe of a finger or thumb. Flexible decode feedback ensures the DS4800 Series will integrate seamlessly into your environment while remaining easy to use. Instead of the traditional beep tone that signifies a successful scan, you can choose from vibrations, visual feedback and a library of melodic tones that will complement your environment.

Zebra's industry leading all-inclusive affordable service plans help keep your DS4800 Series scanners in the hands of your workforce, practically every minute of every day. Comprehensive Coverage protects your scanners from the unexpected, significantly reducing unforeseen repair expenses with protection that starts the moment you purchase the device. And Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support adds next‑business-day advance replacement of devices that require repair.


Form and function

  • The DS4800 Series brings a new level of style to your POS. This easy to use scanner can complement the most sophisticated, fashion‑conscious decor.

High performance 1D/2D scanning

  • Capture every bar code that is presented at your POS — 1D, 2D, printed on labels, displayed on a mobile phone screen, high density, poorly printed, damaged and under shrinkwrap.

PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology — only from Zebra

  • Resets the bar for 2D imaging by enhancing decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience.

Customizable to fit into your environment and promote your brand

  • In addition to standard colors alpine white and midnight black, the DS4800 Series can be printed with a custom design or your corporate color, as well as your logo.

Fast and easy deployment

  • Configured to the most optimal settings for reduced out of the box user setup time.


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