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Label Applicators

Novexx ALS 306 · ALS 309 Labellers
Wide label applicators for high speed lines

Novexx ALS 306 and ALS 309 high performance labellers apply 6 inch wide and 9 inch wide labels to fast moving goods

Novexx ALS 306 ALS 309 Labellers

Novexx ALS 306 and ALS 309 label applicators apply wide labels to products on high speed conveyors..They are are designed to optimise line performance and productivity.

ALS 306

  • Applies labels up to 152 mm (6") wide and 600 mm (24") long.
  • Line speed up to 60 m/min
  • Label stop accuracy: 0.5 mm at fixed line speed; 1.0 mm at variable line speed

ALS 309

  • Applies labels up to 229 mm (6") wide and 600 mm (24") long.
  • Line speed up to 45 m/min
  • Label stop accuracy: 0.5 mm at fixed line speed; 1.0 mm at variable line speed

ALS 306 applicator with L-shape dispense edge and splice table for twin label rolls


Built for continuous 24/7 use,

Large label rolls, 400 mm diameter Twin rolls with splicer (optional)Tandem operation (twin labellers, optional)Quick change modules for fast service and shorter downtime.Apply unit and power rewind modules pull out for easy maintenance and shorter downtime.

Flexible installation and operation

IP54 kitEasy line integration thanks to multiple label roll positions and mounting optionsPLC, I/O and IT interfacesVarious label, product and status sensor optionsAutomatic Product Speed Following (APSF) for accurate labelling on variable speed conveyors.

Choice of label dispensing edges and applicator heads

Synchronous application: L-shape dispensing edges with standard and adjustable rotating fixtures (EURO fixing)Asynchronous application: various LA applicator heads (telescopic, touch, blow).

Applicator Heads · Dispense · Blow · Touch

Novexx have a range of modular dispense edges and applicator heads. Thse equip ALS/XLS labellers for all standard label application modes. Please ask Codeway about special needs.

1. V Dispense Edge

2. Swivel Dispense Edge

3. Spring-loaded Dispense Edge

4. Pneumatic Dispense Edge

5. Blow-on Head

6.Touch-on Head · 80 x 80 mm label

7. Touch-on Head 125 x 125 mm label

Applicator selection

This Applicator Selector chart will help you choose which Labellers and Applicator Heads will be suit your application:

  1. Top
  2. Side
  3. Bottom
  4. Leading edge
  5. Leading edge + side
  6. Corner front
  7. Corner back
  8. Corner leading top

    ALS Applicator Selector chart
    ALS Applicator Heads datasheet

Labeller models

Model Label width Line speed 1,000 labels ** Interfaces
ALS 104 10-110 mm 30 m/min 3.4 min Sensors, RS232
XLS 204 10-110 mm 40 m/min 2.6 min Standard **
XLS 206 10-160 mm 30 m/min 3.4 min Standard **
XLS 209 50-253 mm 30 m/min 4.1 min Standard **
XLS 256 10-160 mm 50 m/min 2.0 min Standard **
XLS 272 10-53 mm 70 m/min 1.5 min Standard **
ALS 306 25-160 mm 60 m/min 1.7 min Standard **
ALS 309 25-233 mm 45 m/min 2.3 min Standard **

* 100 mm labels with 2 mm gap.
** Sensors, RS232, USB, Ethernet and extra I/O.


ALS 104, ALS 204, ALS 206/256, ALS 209
ALS 272
ALS 306, ALS 309

Winning Solutions

We will be delighted to recommend and supply the right products for your project. Codeway provides full technical services and lifetime support to ensure a great return on investment year after year.

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