Automate identification
Print and apply labels

LA-TO BO touch-on blow applicator
Delicate items · Uneven surfaces · Variable heights

The LA-TO BO has a 380mm stroke. When it senses the item it blows the label on to it.

The LA-TO BO applies up to 100 labels per minute. It works with Novexx ALS labellers and ALX print apply engines.

  • Suitable for labelling sensitive items with uneven surfaces and/or variable heights
  • The last part of stroke length is overcome by blowing the label onto the product
  • Stroke length up to 380 mm


Top Side Bottom Stopped products Moving products Products with fixed or variable height

Label width 50–110 mm
Label length 50–160 mm
Capacity* Up to 100 labels/min
Application accuracy* +/- 5 mm
Compatibility ALX 92x, ALX 73x, ALS 20x, ALS 256, ALS 272, ALS 306


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