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Why your organisation needs NiceLabel LMS Pro or NiceLabel LMS Enterprise

Global brands and regulated companies need a label management system

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise enables you to set up, automate and manage labelling in a global enterprise. It meets the needs of companies in industries subject to UK/EU/FDA regulatory control. Oracle and SAP connectors are available.

An executive summary of the benefits of a NiceLabel LMS Label Management System is in this 5 slide presentation.

The power of LMS Enterprise

LMS Enterprise come with extra deployment options:

  1. Application servers with Microsoft's RemoteApp technology,
  2. Synchronisation
  3. Multi-tier support for design, QC test and production
  4. Design approvals and revision control (versioning)
  5. Graphical label comparison
  6. Production workflows and approvals
  7. SAP and Oracle connectors

1. Application Server

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise Control Center integrates Microsoft's RemoteApp technology. The Document Storage displays new commands to open label designer, form designer or run-time from the RemoteApp server without any need to have NiceLabel client installed on your workstation. In many situations this reduces complexity and administrative overheads.

2. Synchronization

Synchronisation allows you to keep Document Storage in two or more Control Centers in sync:

Synchronization to geographically distributed locations. The master server is at HQ. Label design is done centrally. After approval and publishing, the label files are distributed to all the production Control Centers which are clients to the master Control Center.

Synchronization in multi-tier deployments The files must travel along the chain from development to production: The Development Control Center is master to the QC Test Control Center The QC Test Control Center is master to the Production Control Center.

3. Multi-tier landscape management

More and more enterprises are relying on two and three tier models to stage and deploy their labelling files. These remove all of the risks of using a single server for development, testing, and production.

A three tier model is ideal: Development, Quality Assurance and Production.

4. Design approval and revision control

Design approval

The initial state in a workflow is Draft. When a design is ready the author moves the files to the next step, request approval. At each step the workflow may require users to provide their login credentials again.The label will only be visible to print operators when it is in the Approved state.

Label approval process with scheduled publishing

This workflow differentiates between the approved state and the published state. After approval you can schedule the date and time for publishing.

Revision control

Document Storage implements revision control for labels, images and related files. Over time, you will have a complete history of your files. The system lets you track changes, revert to a previous version, and restore deleted files.

5. Label comparison

Graphical comparison is a great way to see changes between label designs. The tool displays all selected labels and revisions of as thumbnails. You select two labels to compare and a third image shows one superimposed on the other. Colour-coding allows helps you spot any differences.

6. Production workflows and approvals


Workflows allow you to add another level of quality control to the label printing process. A workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps, controlled by the workflow logic.

Design approval process

The initial state in a workflow is Draft. When a design is ready the author moves the files to the next step, Request approval. At each step the workflow may require users to provide their login credentials again.The label will only be visible to print operators when it is in the Approved state.

Two-step label production approval process

Two independent approvers must review the document and approve it before it is published. This process can be configured to have two separate approvers, or two groups of approvers, for each step of the approval process.

7.SAP and Oracle connectors

NiceLabel LMS for SAP

The NiceLabel ABAP package prints labels faster:

  • Everything happens within the SAP system’s user interface.
  • Tight integration without writing code. The ABAP package can be transported into a SAP system within seconds.
  • Streamline SAP label printing in hours.
  • Instant label previews in SAP
  • On-demand "instant" printing, no SAP spooler lag.
  • Electronic archive of finished labels.
  • Real-time status feedback means no more need to check the spooler, printer and job error state. Confirmed delivery reduces help desk calls
NiceLabel LMS for Oracle

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise integrates labelling with Oracle databases and E-Business Suite applications including Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA).

NiceLabel delivers a best-practice solution in hours saving weeks of configuration and programming.

NiceLabel Enterprise does not need any expensive connector technology to add the benefits of a powerful label management system to Oracle.

NiceLabel · LMS Enterprise features

All-in-one browser based management environment
Fully integrated intuitive Office 2016 style design environment
Extensive contextual help with inline tips to empower business users
20 User interface Languages
Certified and compatible systems: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Server 2008 
R2/Server 2012/Server 2012 R2/Server 2016
Number of Printers (Unlimited users): 5, 10, 20, 50, 100+

Centralized database backed secure document storage
Full content indexing for instant full-text search of all label data
Preview labels with dynamic content in browser
Detailed label report with preview and export to XML
System-wide role based access control

LMS Enterprise Extras
Content management - create and manage label variants
Automatic document version control
Customizable approval workflows with email notifications to streamline approval process
Graphical comparison of different labels, variations and revisions with highlighted differences
Change and transport system between different environments
Application server for centralized and cross-platform label and application design (no designer installation on workstations needed)

Straightforward system dashboard highlighting recent events
Centralized print history with visualization of every label printed and label reprint
Centralized system history of all relevant security events
Customizable email alerts for various system events (production errors, etc.)
Extensive reports and analytics for system optimization
Centralized device overview and management

LMS Enterprise Extras
FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant security with electronic signatures
Non-production environment

Single click deployment of centrally controlled labelling applications
Works with simple labels or fully configured PowerForms applications
Desktop class performance with minimum network traffic (client side processing)
Self-service printer setup including settings (no server printer management needed)
Print without internet connectivity (offline mode)
Add printing to other web applications with a few lines of code (Web API)

64-bit Windows service for integration with variety of business systems
Multi-core processing for best performance and throughput
Graphical integration builder for no-coding integration
Dedicated integration manager with extensive logging
File drop, Serial port, Database and TCP/IP connectors
Bi-directional HTTP connector (REST)
Bi-directional Web Services connector (SOAP)
Structured text data (CSV and fixed-width columns) processing
Configurable XML format processing
Unstructured text and binary data processing
Execute SQL queries (CRUD)
.NET API for programing integration

LMS Enterprise Extras
Number of actions available for creating workflows and business rules for printing labels, data processing, network communication and more: 39
Integrated PDF engine for optimized PDF document creation without 3rd party tools
Generate label preview as an image file
Advanced workflows and error handling (For Loop, Try..Except)
Microsoft Failover Cluster support
Load-balancing cluster support for TCP/IP, HTTP and Web Service triggers
Prebuilt best-practice SAP integration including SAP ABAP package

Label setup wizard for quick start with best printing quality and performance
Text, barcodes, lines, boxes, circles, clip art, images and PDF files
Print objects in reverse/negative: white on black
Windows system and built-in printer fonts support
Rich text object including powerful editor with support for tables and more
Fit text-to-box (dynamic point size)
Wrap text-to-shape (word-wrapping and text justification to non-rectangular shapes)
Text on ellipse
Extensive RFID support
Object alignment tools with snap-to-objects and arbitrary rotation of all objects
Relative object positioning and variable label length
Library of ready-to-use international standards compliance label templates
More than 70 linear and 2D barcode symbologies with support for printer-based barcodes
Intuitive GS1 Application Identifier Data Source Wizard
Speed optimization reuses repeating data instead of resending it
Automatic check digit calculation
Place "human readable" text anywhere in relation to barcodes
Customizable "human readable" character template
Object visibility based on dynamic data (business rules)

Single screen for straightforward management of dynamic data (Dynamic Data Manager)
Keyboard or scanner input at print time
Full serialization including support for printer-based serial numbers
Date and Time fields sourced from PC or Printer
Full database connectivity to almost any existing database
Reusable connections to multiple databases and tables within the label or solution
Edit database connected documents without accessible database (offline mode)
Variable graphic fields including graphics sourced from database
10+ prebuilt functions for efficient data concatenation and processing
VBScript and Python scripting for custom data processing

Auto-built, all-in-one printing form with data entry controls and dynamic print job preview
Customizable data-entry filters and error checking
Print time database record selection on a single screen
Responsive form design to fit different screen resolutions
Integrated no-programming graphical application builder for building efficientlabelling solutions for controlled printing
Fully configurable user experience with 15+ prebuilt user interface controls and support for multiple forms
Workflow and business rules editor including 40+ actions for printing labels, database queries, integrations with scales, PLCs…
Solution document type can contain multiple labels and forms for improved dynamic data management and portability
Integrated PDF engine for optimized PDF document creation without 3rd party tools
Support for multi-lingual user environment
Interface and control peripheral devices, weight scales, PLCs…
Display printer status within the printing form

Native support for 4000+ label and marking printers
Support for all laser/inkjet printers with a Windows driver
Local and network printer support
Speed optimization reuses repeating data instead of resending it
Session print - combines multiple labels in a single print job for better performance
Color separation (for GHS labeling)
Batch printing: header and tail labels
Two-sided ("duplex") design and printing
Advanced printer cutter control
Store and Recall label templates from printer's memory


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