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Colour label printers for packaging lines

C6000 Colour Label Printers
Print and apply labels with hi-res images, text and graphics
Epson C6000 industrial colour label printers will improve productivity and compliance on packaging lines. They wiil promote your brand and reduce the cost of labelling. 4" & 8" models.


Colour label printers for packaging lines

C6000C6500 Models



Features Summary

Operations Integration:

Peeler models fit seamlessly into production and packaging lines

Media flexibility

25.4mm to 215.9mm media widths.

Money saving

No need for pre-printed stock of labels. Print full colour on blank labels

Compact and easy-to-use

All operations are conducted from the front, which saves on operation space. Roll replacement is possible from front, right and left.

High resolution with colour adjustment

Good print quality, use of ICC profiles in the driver, spot-colour management,

Print any shape of label

Moveable sensor. No need for a second die cut.

Easy IT integration

SAP direct support, ESC Label, Linux and Mac drivers

Remote management and maintenance

Available through web interface


December 2019

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