Automate identification
High speed label print apply

ALX 73x print apply
Fast · Precise · Non-stop (tandem option)

Print Apply for high speed production lines

ALX 734 · ALX 736 Printer Applicators

The ALX 734 is the fastest labeller in its class. It prints and applies up to 400 labels per minute (40mm high labels).

Top features

  1. Fast: apply labels at line speeds up to 50 metre per minute.
  2. Print widths: ALX 734 (4 inch) · ALX 735 (5 inch) · ALX 736 (6 inch)
  3. Large label rolls · Ribbon roll length: up to 1,000 metres
  4. Tandem function: option for non-stop operation
  5. Easy-to-use controls

Video Case Study

Codeway integrated an ALX 734 with this veterinary medicine bottling machine


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