Industrial Label Printers

Printer with Light Touch Stepper Applicator

The XLP 504 LTSA is a robust, economical solution to print and apply labels to products and packaging

It consists of an XLP 504 printer dispenser with LTSA Light Touch Stepper Applicator.

  • Applies labels up to 80 mm x 80 mm
  • Maximum stroke length 190 mm
  • Suitable for stationary and moving products.
  • Motor driven – no compressed air
  • Print resolutions: 203, 300 and 600 dpi.

Easy configuration

  • Labels products moving along conveyor systems.
  • Applies labels to manually handled products,
  • A single connector links the LTSA and XLP.
  • Settings and control via XLP firmware

Smooth application

Flexible dispensing edge feeds labels precisely. Controlled head movement enables high accuracy . The spring loaded label pad touches products gently, reducing risk of damage.

Target markets

  1. E-commerce logistics: print and apply at packing stations
  2. Shipment areas: applies labels to varying pack sizes
  3. Packaging: label delicate low volume products (e.g. food)
XLP 504
Version: LTSA specific, includes: internal rewind and dispensing edge
Print resolution: 203/300/600 dpi
Application: Top
Stroke length Max. 190 mm
Min stroke: 30 mm from home position to detection of top of product
Label size (W x L) Min. 30 x 30 mm
Max. 80 x 80 mm
Activation: manual Start trigger by operator, e.g. by footswitch (single start connector)
Activation: auto Start trigger by product start sensor (Sub-D connector on optional I/O board)
Product speed Up to 35 m/min.
(during application of label)
Capacity indication Up to 50 labels/min.
Apply edge 90° ± 3°
Dimensions 230 x 392 x 120 mm (W x H x D)


Novexx XLP 504_LTSA printer applicator datasheet
Novexx XLP 50x label printer datasheet

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