Item Intelligence
RFID for business and the supply chain

Impinj tags, readers and software are a complete RFID system to track inventory and assets.

Item Intelligence

Identity · Authenticity · Location

Impinj systems deliver each item’s unique identity, authenticity and location business applications.

  1. ItemSense software An operating system for the Impinj platform that delivers Item Intelligence to business and consumer applications and simplifies systems management.
  2. Connectivity Impinj connectivity devices include reader chips, readers, and gateways that wirelessly identify, locate, authenticate, and engage endpoints via RAIN.
  3. Endpoints An endpoint is an Impinj tag chip attached to an individual item, providing a unique identifier that communicates with RAIN RFID connectivity devices.

Item Intelligent applications

Codeway and Impinj will develop a solution for you based on this best-in-market technology. It makes RFID a viable proposition.

Frost & Sullivan explain how Impinj works for customers in supply chains

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