Industrial Label Printers

XLP 504 · XLP 506
Built for reliability

XLP 504 four inch · XLP 506 six inch · Cutter/Dispenser/Rewinder

The Novexx XLP 504 (4 inch) and XLP 506 (6 inch) industrial label printers are perfect print for medium label volumes.

They print high quality barcodes, fonts and images on a wide variety of label materials: paper, coated papers, PE/PP and card tickets.

The XLP 504 and XLP 506 are available with rewinders, dispensers and rotary cutters.

For those customers who need to print smaller batches of changing labels, the XLP 50x with cutter is the perfect choice. Its industry grade cutting knife cuts the label material precisely and reliably after the printing process of a batch is finished.

For products with soft and fragile surfaces, the XLP 504 with the LTSA Soft Touch Applicator is the best version. The combination of the industrial label printer with the LTSA results in a semi-automatic solution that can label batches of fragile products of varying heights with ease. This makes the XLP 504 with LTSA the perfect choice for the food industry among others.

When it comes to printing larger amounts of labels, the XLP 50x with external rewinder is the right choice. The easily attached rewinder gathers the printed labels in one smooth process – which then can be easily removed for usage at packing stations etc.

The XLP 50x with dispenser and internal rewinder is a compact solution. It prints and then dispense the self-adhesive label so the operator can effortlessly retrieve the label and apply it. The label backing paper is automatically rolled-up by the internal rewinder.

The XLP 504 with Textile Cutter-Stacker TCS is the perfect 3-in-1-solution for the requirements of textile materials used mainly for wash care labels. These permanent care labels often require very small fonts and fine-lined graphics for wash care symbols and logos for branding. The XLP 504 with TCS offers high-definition print quality at a high volume output. Its attractive purchase and maintenance cost make it a great choice for start-ups and low-cost mass productions alike.

Target markets

  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • General distribution and logistics
  • Consumer goods
  • General manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Ticketing
  • more ...

Designed and manufactured in Germany to high standards, Novexx XLP printers come with a 2-year standard warranty, extendable to 3 or 5 years.

Manfred Borbe, Novexx Managing Director, says: “We have great trust in our product quality – robust build and durable components. The NOVEXX code is to add value for our customers."

High user friendliness

A quickstart guide and various data interfaces form the basis of an easy and fast set-up. The large display with different colored backlights indicates the printer status and allows easy readability of the operator friendly and intuitive icon-driven menu navigation.

Increased productivity

The printers are fast, printing 1,000 labels in less than eight minutes (100 x 100 mm labels). Optional add-ons provide for current and future adjustment needs.

High print quality

The XLP 504 and XLP 506 printers delivers sharp print results on a large selection of label materials, sizes and shapes. Customers can choose print resolutions of 203 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi (XLP 504 only).

The XLP 504 high resolution 600 dpi model prints tiny fonts, barcodes and symbols. Self adjusting ribbon mandrels ensure stable ribbon-web tension for optimal print results.

Reduced downtime

For productivity, the XLP 504 and XLP 506 take high capacity ribbon rolls of up to 500 m in length. This means long print-runs and reduced downtimes for roll changes. The lift-up print module makes it quick and easy to load more labels and ribbon.

Convenient maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, speed and convenience go hand in hand. No need for tools to clean the print roller, thanks to 'quick shaft coupling' ! The easily accessible print head is another advantage.


XLP 504 · XLP 506 industrial label printers datasheet

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