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RFID automated labelling and tracking systems

Codeway has completed a variety of RFID tracking projects. The advent of competitively priced tags and effective systems like Impinj Itemsense makes RAIN RFID a practical proposition for many mor companies

Automated labelling The system in the photograph above labels, verifies and registers the MiFare inlay for M2M use at customers sites. This authenticates the product and ensures the correct chemical solution is in use.

Another application is to read the tag that track an item through production and print a barcode label to identify the packaging.

Shipment verification Use of a RAIN sensor tag to track special air cargo containers and check their status before loading with Zebra handheld RFID computers.

Track & Trace Codetrack systems track uniquely number vehicles, explosives and other products using barcodes and 2D codes. Our systems team can interface these systems and BellHawk systems to Impinj Itemsense.

Other applications have ranged from road surface identification to IVF tracking.

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