Automate identification
Cut single tag printers · Roll fed ticket printers

ST-EX single tag printers
Stack feeder · 1D/2D codes · RFID options

The ST-EX feeds cards from the bottom of the stack into the printer and into a hopper.

ASE ST-EX S single tag and ticket machines have Toshiba TEC print engines and electric feeders, pneumatic optional for special materials. RFID HF and UHF options.


  • Garment tags
  • Product cards
  • Seed packs
  • Blister cards
  • RFID cards


  1. Cut stack feed
  2. Electric roller feed or pneumatic feed ('flimsy' material, seed packs)
  3. Proven print engine
  4. RFID HF: registration, anti-counterfeit
  5. RFID UHF: logistics, point of sale


Codeway and ASE will assess and test your tags, tickets, packs and other items. Performance depends on quality of media. Please send us your samples.


Customised models are possible for special applications.

Key facts

Speed 300 mm/sec (max)
Resolution 200/300 dpi
Tag width 40-120 mm
Tag length 60-250 mm
Tag weight 90-350 g/m2

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