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Matrix 120
Ultra-compact industrial 2D imager

The smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager range in the market to fit any integration space
  • Ultra compact dimensions for easy integration
  • WVGA – 1.2 MP and wide angle models
  • Smart user selectable focus for high application flexibility
  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity
  • Serial and USB options on the same model
  • ESD versions for electronic applications
  • Polarized Version for 90° mounting and reflecting surfaces
  • Top industrial grade: IP65; operating temperatures: 0-45 ºC / 32 – 133 ºF
  • DL.Code software configurator for outstanding ease of setup
  • Xpress, Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology and intuitive HMI for top ease of use

The Matrix 120™ imager is the smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager range in the market to fit any integration space and the smallest compact 2D imager with embedded Ethernet connectivity.

The Matrix 120™ is available in different models, including a WVGA sensor for standard applications or a 1.2 MP sensor for high resolution bar codes. Moreover, a wide angle version makes the Matrix 120™ the perfect solution for proximity reading.

The Matrix 120™ is characterized with the top industrial grade parts in its class (IP65 and 0-45 ºC / 32 – 133 ºF), with ESD safe models for applications in the electronic industry and features a glass-free reading window, suitable for the Food and Beverage environment.

As part of the full Matrix series, the Matrix 120™ leads the market for customer ease of use because of DL.CODE™ configuration software, X-Press™ button and intuitive HMI.

The Matrix 120™ is the entry level model of the best- in-class Matrix family of high performance industrial 2D imagers.

The Matrix 120™ is the perfect solution when small dimension, simple integration and performance are the key drivers. This makes the Matrix 120™ the ideal product for OEM customers: Chemical/Biomedical industry and Print & Apply applications. Additionally, this imager is perfect for entry level applications in the Factory Automation arena: Electronics, Packaging and Food/Beverage.


  • Electronics – Track and trace PCB board manufacturing
  • Factory Automation: Print & Apply – label verification
  • Factory Automation: Food & Beverage – traceability
  • OEM: Kiosks – ticketing machine
  • Healthcare: Clinical Lab – vials identification
  • Chemical and biomedical analysis machine


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