Rugged Handheld Touch Computer

Rugged mobile Computer for the warehouse

Migrate to the next generation in mobility business platforms — Android, a proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support.
  • 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64 bit cpu
  • Android 7 Nougat OS
  • 1D laser or 2D imager engine
  • Real enterprise-class push-to-talk
  • 5ft/1.5m drop specification
  • 4in capacitive WVGA screen
  • 3 keyboard options

The MC3300 makes it easy to migrate to the next generation in mobility business platforms — Android. The same operating system that took the consumer world by storm is now ready for business, providing a well proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support you can count on. This next generation of the highly successful MC3000 series offers everything you need to run your business today and tomorrow. You can run current terminal emulation (TE) applications right out of the box — or reformat to create intuitive screens that utilize touch to simplify the user experience. Zebra's unique toolbox of powerful applications — known as Zebra’s Mobility DNA — not only makes deployment and application development easier than ever, it also allows you to add new capabilities to your MC3300 mobile computers to streamline everyday processes and improve worker productivity. When it comes to features and options, this best-in-class device delivers, offering a light weight ergonomic design, large touchscreen, a variety of keypad options, unmatched scanning performance and much more. And with its multiple form factors, the MC3300 gives you unmatched versatility and flexibility from the warehouse to the retail store. The MC3300 — the easy way to power your business with advanced Android mobile computing.

Whether your application requires touch or physical keypad input, Zebra have you covered. Your application can utilize the entire display, while the physical keypad allows you to give your workers the exact same experience they have today. In addition, the touchscreen paves the way to migrate to intuitive touch-based interfaces. And you can choose the keypad that most simplifies data entry — alphanumeric, numeric and functional numeric.

Run your existing TE apps, right out of the box — no backend modification or user training required. Ivanti Velocity, one of the world’s most popular TEs, is pre-loaded on every model — and it’s pre-licensed on the gun-style model, ready to use at no cost. Want to use a different TE? No problem. With support for the leading TEs, the choice is yours. Want to modernize your TE app? Mobility DNA’s AllTouch TE is also pre-loaded on every model, ready to help you turn traditional ‘green screens’ into elegant touch-centric intuitive screens that allow your workers to get more done in less time.

If you are using Zebra Android handheld and wearable devices in the warehouse, workers and IT will benefit from a common operating system and solution platform. You’ll get the same user experience and management tools across different form factors throughout the warehouse and supply chain.

You want to use Android devices in your enterprise, but Android was built for the consumer world — until now. Mobility Extensions (Mx) adds a layer of features that are missing in mobile devices that run standard Android, features that make Zebra's Android-based mobile computers truly enterprise-ready.

With Mx, you get robust enterprise-class security and manageability, enterprise data capture support and business-class Wi-Fi connections that provide workers with a superior wireless experience. Mx is pre-installed on your devices at no cost and you are in complete control of which optional features you want to activate, and when. Mx — the enterprise features you need in Android, delivered.

Since the MC3300 is an Android Certified device, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing the device is secure and proven compatible with the growing number of Android apps built for the warehouse and enterprise.

Short, mid or long range scanning — the MC3300 does it all. The extended range SE4850 captures barcodes in hand and
on your uppermost warehouse racks —
as close as 3 in./7.62 cm up to 70 ft./21.4 m away. And with an industry-leading field of view, even very wide barcodes can be captured at close range. And no matter what conditions barcodes are in, the MC3300 captures it all — scratched, dirty, poorly printed or under shrinkwrap.

Boost productivity and efficiency even higher with Mobility DNA's unique voice apps. Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Express is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, enabling instant walkie-talkie style calls, right out of the box. And with Workforce Connect Voice, your MC3300 devices can double as a PBX handset, with complete control over the interface — you can customize screens to make it easy for your workers to use even the most complex telephony capabilities.

The MC3300 offers a new higher 5 ft./1.5 m drop specification, a Gorilla Glass touch panel and a larger 4 inch display that provides more room for your workers to view more information.

With the combination of four form factors, three scan engines, three keypads and three tiers of functionality, there is a combination that is just right for your warehouse, manufacturing floor or retail operation.

Put the MC3300 to work in:


  • Backroom/warehouse management
  • Price verification/updates
  • Store receiving
  • Picking and putaway
  • Inventory management
  • In-store communications
  • Voice-directed applications


  • Warehouse management
  • Picking and putaway
  • Returns processing
  • Voice-directed applications
  • EDI transactions
  • Yard management


  • Inventory management
  • Supply-line replenishment
  • Safety testing
  • Parts tracking


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