Rugged Handheld Touch Computer

TC70 Series
Rugged and ready for all-day every day enterprise use

The rugged design holds up even in the most demanding environments and can double as a voice communications device.
  • Easy to read capacitive screen
  • High performance PRZM scanner
  • Capture & process of entire documents
  • Ultra- high res photos
  • Long life Power Precision battery
  • Complete Suite of Enterprise Accessories
  • Dual Core & Six core processor options
  • 4.7 inch high definition display
  • 1D/2D imager with front & rear camera
  • 6ft/1.8m drop specification
  • Sealed to IP65 & IP67 specification

Your employees need enterprise class handheld computers to communicate and access information seamlessly in order to work more efficiently and better serve your customers — yet they want a device that is every bit as refined and easy-to-use as their own consumer devices. Now, you can give them both with the TC70 Series. With flexible OS support, you can choose between two of the most advanced and intuitive mobile operating systems — Android™ and Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise — both fortified for use in the enterprise. The rugged design holds up even in the most demanding environments and the TC70 Series can double as a voice communications device. You can automate the capture of just about any type of business intelligence with the embedded scanner and camera. And the full complement of accessories and cutting edge technology will serve your business for years to come, for an unsurpassed return on investment. Better serve your customers in retail, manufacturing, and operations with the TC70 Series.

With the TC70 Series, you can leverage the power of Android, while choosing the configuration that best fits your technology and business needs. Every Android TC70 Series ships with Mobility Extensions (Mx), a series of features that make Android a more robust enterprise-class operating system. Mx minimizes IT support time and maximizes worker productivity and device uptime by providing better control of your mobile devices, application access and Wi-Fi performance and security. Standard Configuration TC70 and TC70x Android devices come with Google Mobile Services (GMS) which provides integrated Google applications such as Gmail and Google Maps. Professional Configuration TC70 and TC70x Android devices ship without GMS, removing GMS applications and services. Both configurations are based on Android Open Source (AOSP) and ship with respective Android Enterprise functionality.

You want to use Android devices in your enterprise, but Android was built for the consumer world — until now. Mobility Extensions (Mx) adds a layer of features that are missing in mobile devices that run standard Android, features that make Zebra's Android-based mobile computers truly enterprise-ready. With Mx, you get robust enterprise-class security and manageability, enterprise data capture support and business-class Wi-Fi connections that provide workers with a superior wireless experience. Mx is pre-installed on your devices at no cost and you are in complete control of which optional features you want to activate, and when. Mx — the enterprise features you need in Android, delivered.

The TC70x is also available with Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise, which brings Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security, manageability and connectivity to a natural user interface that’s easy to use. You get numerous productivity-enhancing features such as multiple user profiles, out of the box support for barcode scanning and other peripherals, as well as native support for popular enterprise tools like Skype for Business and MS Office. And, with Continuum and Miracast wireless display support, Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise delivers PC-like productivity — Office apps scale up beautifully to a larger screen.

Give your employees the tools they need to work faster and smarter. The integrated enterprise-class imager offers Zebra’s proprietary PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, a megapixel sensor and advanced optics, which work together to deliver data capture performance in a class of its own. Workers can capture 1D and 2D barcodes in virtually any condition, at lightning speed. The rear-facing camera enables the easy capture of high-resolution photos, signatures, videos and more, allowing you to capture more types of business intelligence to streamline more business processes. The front camera allows workers to place a video call to get the help they need — and provide customers with that personal touch. Near Field Communications offers simple Tap and Pair device pairing with compatible printers, and automates identity verification at facility entry points. *Identity verification supported on Android only.

Let your users choose their preferred data input pair: finger and gloved finger or finger and stylus — ideal for crisp signature capture. The intelligent display automatically adjusts as needed, unlike competitive devices that require setting adjustments every time the user switches data input method. And the large 4.7 in. display takes the capacitive touch experience to the next level — it works even if it’s wet. *Glove support and dual mode touch panel are available on Android only.

The TC70 Series is ready for the demands of everyday life in the business world, tested and proven to operate reliably after multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete and 2,000 consecutive 3.2 ft./1 m tumbles in our punishing tumble test. With IP65 and IP67 sealing, you get a device that is dust-tight and can survive complete immersion in water, making it ideal for use in the retail backroom, warehouse floor, in outdoor shopping areas or outside on a receiving dock. The Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and scanner exit window bring a new level of durability to two of the most vulnerable components.

TC70 Applications


  • Associates: −Price checks −Inventory checks −Item locator −Price changes/price audits −Line busting −Assisted selling −Product comparison −Electronic coupons (mobile phone displays) −Market research −Store inventory transfers −Gift registry lookup −Financial/loyalty applications −Click and mortar/catalogue orders −Training
  • Mobile payment
  • Inventory management
  • Voice communications
  • Managers: −Workforce management −Planogram management −Promotion compliance −Merchandising


  • Asset management
  • Building maintenance
  • Supervisor/manager tasks: −Workforce management −Supplier management −Management of customer data −Management of product information


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