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USAF and NASA funded much of the original R&D leading to the BellHawk product line

Real time tracking of materials and operations

BellHawk Systems provides real-time work-in-process and materials tracking systems for manufacturing, engineering, construction, and other industrial organizations.

A growing number of food, pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology processors and distributors are adopting Bellhawk materials traceability systems.

BellHawk Online

BellHawk software is available on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis in the Cloud as well as for installation on a client's own Windows Server. BellHawk Systems provides full supporting services for its software products.

BellHawk Systems specializes in providing affordable and simple to use systems for small and mid-sized industrial organizations as well as for plants within larger industrial organizations. BellHawk Systems sells its systems in collaboration with partners who specialize in the mobile computing, barcode, and RFID equipment needed for these systems.

About BellHawk

BellHawk Systems Corporation has been supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) and its contractors since its foundation by Dr Peter Green in 1989 with SBIR grants to commercialize real-time intelligent-agent based systems for the US Air Force and NASA in their supply chains. BellHawk Systems has been a prime contractor as well as a subcontractor to many major defense contractors with about 100 customer installations.

Dr. Green received his BSEE and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Leeds University in England. He was a senior member of the research staff at MIT, where he performed research into real-time intelligent systems under a DARPA funded contract. After MIT, Dr. Green became a full Professor of Computer Engineering at WPI, where he performed research into software methods for implementing this technology.

The company name BellHawk Systems comes from its mission of "Providing Systems that watch your Operations like a Hawk and ring the Bell when problems arise". This combines the company focus on real-time operations tracking and alert managers when issues arise that need their attention.

BellHawk Systems is a privately held Delaware C Corporation, whose offices are located in the New England area of the USA.

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