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TTE-Europe GmbH develops solutions for tracking and tracing of civil explosives. Background is the EU Directive 2008/43/EC and its amendment 2012/4/EU (identification directive).

Our solutions are complete packages of software, matching techniques and continuous services.

From the beginning it was important for us to develop software, which is compliant to the customer and applicable to his demands.

We understand our work as a teamwork, in which we as IT-specialists with a long experience are developing a perfect solution together with our clients, as experts in the industry.

Furthermore we use the competence and qualification of our hardware partner to select the suitable hardware for our customers. Herewith we can provide the ideal technique to our clients with the concentrated know-how of the producers.

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Do tell us what you want to do, ask for a quote, give us your problem to solve. Our aim at Codeway is to provide you with the best hardware and software for the job. Plus the media, systems and support you need to boost productivity and performance. A well priced package of products and services for a great return on investment, year after year.